Tiree's Recruits

Rebel Breakout #2

All but a couple of the companions (now including several new players for our second session), head off down the hallway to follow R2-D0 and avoid the firefight with the trio of stormtroopers. Kkord the bounty hunter and Rune the outlaw remain behind to trade volleys with the Imperial soldiers.

Another explosion rocks the mine hallways, and Jonah the young Jedi and soldier Captain Verdez make their way past a closed and locked blast door to find the other passageway choked with debris, sealed off. The two attempt to clear the debris using their blaster and lightsaber, as well as their bare hands, to no avail. Meanwhile, bounty hunter Hash, and pilots Rilo and Ren Manly attempt to open the blast door using an adjacent computer port.

Kkord and Rune continue to trade fire with the stormtroopers, eventually wounding, incapacitating, and killing them, claiming one’s helmet to try to use its comm link to confuse the Imperial forces swarming the lidium mine.

Hash, Rilo, and Ren, failing in their attempts to open the blast door, patch R2-D0 into the computer port, causing an electrical surge — which nearly fries the poor droid — but succeeds in opening the portal.

Unfortunately, the hallway on the other side is choked with flames! R2-D0 progressed down the hallway unscathed, but the companions were forced to crawl tight against the floor, beneath the flames — several succumbing to the heat, to be rescued by their companions later.

At the end of the hallway was another sealed blast door. After several attempts, Rilo the Pentoran pilot succeeded in opening the door using an adjacent computer panel — the droid, having been shocked previously, would have nothing to do with it, despite Captain Verdez’s attempts to cajole and intimidate it.

Once through the second sealed blast door, the companions continue to follow the droid’s circuitous route and eventually reach a shaft that drops deeper into the mine. Hash uses his jet pack to go down a level, where he sees a cavern with a collapsed wall open to the outside, a downed shuttle, and several Y-wing starfighters.

That is where we stopped: The would-be rebels at the edge of the shaft, stormtroopers perhaps hot on their heels, a downed shuttle, and Kkord and Rune hustling to rejoin the group.



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