Tiree's Recruits

Rebel Breakout #1

The companions meet, each arriving at Mesa 291, an abandoned lidium mine on Bothan’s Planet, with instructions from a Rebel agent named Tiree. The plan is that Tiree will fly them to a Rebel base to the new companions can join the Alliance.

However, the plan almost immediately goes aglay. Tiree’s cover somehow broken, an Imperial Security Bureau agent has brought a force of stormtroopers to the mining planet to roust the would-be rebels. The companions find a helpful droid, R2-D0, who is programmed to lead them to where Tiree is hiding.

Getting there is not so easy. Making their way through the mine’s dark tunnels, the companions encounter a nest of mynocks, which attack. That threat eliminated, they come under fire from a heavy blaster shooting down the main tunnel and escape deeper into the darkness, where they are caught in a cave-in caused by the blaster fire.

Once freed, they continue, encountering several stormtroopers. That is where we stopped for this first session: The companions fighting three stormtroopers in a claustrophobic hallway choked with steam, visibility poor.



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